At IDEATE High Academy we provide a rich, design-thinking based curriculum to engage creative high school students. Our innovative, project-based learning is student-centered, delivering interdisciplinary challenges, college preparation, internships and empathic social responsibility. We inspire student success providing opportunities for diverse learners to lead and thrive in the 21st century.

Integrated projects foster student innovation, collaboration and real world problem solving. Design-thinking is applied and explored, equipping students to achieve goals and objectives while preparing them for dynamic careers as self-motivated, lifelong learners.

IDEATE is a dynamic, free public charter school with a lottery based admissions process. Located in the vibrant heart of downtown San Diego, id8 High provides access to compelling art, culture, educational and business connections. Our school family includes Urban Discovery Academy serving TK through 8th grade together developing community-minded students who are active, creative, empathetic, confident, and ready to lead our global society.


id8 Hosts the California Department of Education
October 11, 2018
232 West Ash Street, San Diego, CA 92110
Id8 High 1400 Park Blvd Open House
October 25, 2018
1400 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101
Urban Discovery Academy Board Meeting
November 28, 2018
The Design Thinking Education Center @ 1400 Park
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